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Yo Mama so old...

She left her purse on Noah's Ark.

Jurassic Park brought back the memories...

When she ran the 100 meter dash, they timed yo mama with a sundial.

She still owes Moses a dollar.

When she was at school...there was No history class!

She uses her hot flushes to heat her cup of Tea

She's got the first autographed Koran.

She co-wrote the 4th Commandment.

When I asked for Her ID yo mama handed me a rock

She even made Yoda jealous.

She recalls When the Grand Canyon was a ditch.

The fire department are on standby when you light her birthday cake

When She gave birth, You came out with Dentures.

She sat in front of Jesus in 1st grade

Her first job was as Cain and Abel's baby-sitter.

Her birthday expired.

When Moses parted the Red Sea, he found yo mama fishing on the other side!

She got the first copy of the Ten Commandments.

Her social security number is 000-000-001

She's got Adam and Eve's autograph

She starting to fart out Mummy dust

Her zip code is 00001.

She used to baby sit Yoda

She uses chewing gum as a band aid.

She used to cut Betty Rubble's hair

She used to gang bang with the Flintstones

She was once a waitress at the last supper

Spielberg hired her as historical consultant on Jurassic Park

She was the only Creature in Jurassic Park they never had to animate

She uses T-Rex dropping as fertilizer.

She was co-author of the Dead Sea scrolls

When God said 'let there be light', yo mama was the one flicking on the light switch.

She baby-sat for Pythagorus

She used to get sermon tips from Zeus.

She offered odds of 4 to 1 on Adam eating the apple

They call her Captain Caveman

She's more ancient than everything seen on the Antiques Road Show

She the only one at the old folks home with a senior citizens discount.

Mel Gibson hired yo mama to offer insights on what life was like with William Wallace

She got told to act Her own age...and she died.

She farts out dust.

Her birth certificate says "Expired" on it.

She used to baby-sit Pascal

She invented the term 'oldest profession in the world'

She's in Jesus's yearbook!

She sat behind Yoda in the third grade.

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