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Here are some of the best Michael Jackson jokes on the web that we've collected for you laughing pleasure. If you have any MJ jokes submit them to us and we'll add them to our collection of Jackson jokes.

How does Michael Jackson pick his nose?
From a mail-order catalogue.

What is the title of Michael Jackson's New Book?
"Penetrating the Secrets of Children".

When Michael Jackson throws a party, what do his guests drive?

Why did Michael Jackson rush to the discount store?

The ad said: "Boys' pants, half-off!"

Why is Mr. Potato Head jealous of Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson has had more noses.

What time is bed time at Michael Jackson’s house?
When the big hand is on the little hand.

What do Michael Jackson and a jockey both ride?
Three year olds.

What is the worst stain on a small boy's underwear?
Michael Jackson's rouge.

Why does Michael Jackson disappear for a couple hours after one of his little friends leaves?
It takes that long to get the bubble gum off his dick.

What did the male sunbather shout at Michael Jackson?
Get out of my son!

What is Michael Jackson’s ideal a perfect 10?
Two five year olds.

Why did Michael Jackson want his own boy?
The rent is $2,000,000 each.

What repulsive thing can be found in a baby diaper?
Michael Jackson's hand.

What's black, has a strong odor, and comes in small cans?
Michael Jackson.

Why did Pepsi fire Michael Jackson?
He was seen with a little squirt in his mouth.

Why were Michael Jackson's pants so small?
They belonged to somebody else.

What caused Michael Jackson’s problem?
He felt little Randy.

Why does Michael Jackson relate so well to children?
He knows how they feel.

What did Michael Jackson exclaim when he say he returned from the health spa?
I feel like a new boy.

Where does Michael Jackson look for dates?
Boys 'R Us.

Why does Michael Jackson have a tough guy reputation?
He has licked every kid possible.

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